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Conor McGregor Tells 3-Year-Old Son To Punch Another Kid, And Gets Mixed Reaction

Parenting is hard. People are always split on what the "right thing to do" is, especially as it relates to violence or aggression. This was evident in the comments section of Conor McGregor's recent Instagram post, where he posted a father-and-son chat, telling his kid to punch another child.

Some of McGregor's 39 million followers weren't happy with this guidance. One responded with, “This is the definition of bad parenting.” Another chimed in “Dunno if teaching a kid hitting back is a good thing.”

Others, however, thought the conversation was positive, encouraging that this should be "instilled from day one." One commenter wrote, "Yes! Don’t let anyone put their hands on you without consequences!"

McGregor's guidance to his son was prompted when another child apparently hit the fighter's son on his back. The former UFC Champ told his son to punch the other kid in the mouth, before showering the boy with kisses and then going into an impromptu boxing lesson.

“Did he hit you? Where did he hit you? Hit him back. Hit him in the mouth."

If McGregor would have encouraged his son to hit another child without provocation, the majority of people would have likely disagreed with that. But given that he was teaching him to hit back, many agreed with his approach.

What do you think?

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Image Credit: Instagram/@thenotoriousmma



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