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Got a great script?


If you have a terrific script, your options are largely limited. 


You can either hope some production company discovers it and is willing to finance it for you.  Or you can finance it yourself.


But considering the costs of production, it's incredibly difficult.  Just to name some of the things you need:  director, producer, cinematographer, lead actors, supporting actors, extras, make-up artist, hair stylist, gaffer, camera equipment, lighting equipment, transportation, permits, insurance, location scouting, editing, music, sound mixing, festival submission costs, marketing of the film -- and so on!  Whew!

Well, we want to modify the first sentence above.  It should say "...your options WERE largely limited."  But now, there's the Neem's Themes "Get Your Script Produced" Competition!


If your script is as good as you think it is, enter our competition, and if you win, you would get your film made for as little as $199 (and no more than $399, depending on when you submit it).  That's right - you pay only the entry fee, and if you win, you get everything - from the casting and table reads to production to editing to festival submission - YES, EVERYTHING - without having to drop another dime.

The best part?  You don't relinquish your rights to the film.  You get Executive Producer credit on your movie.  We just get listed as the production company that produced it.  So, it's basically a work-for-hire thing.  Otherwise, it's YOUR film.

And it gets better.

We will also post your film on our social media pages.  Our Facebook page alone has over 2 million views on our videos.  We are a multi-time award-winning team that knows how to get things done, and how to get things out there!

Okay, there's the intro.  Visit our Film Freeway page for info on what you need to submit!

Good luck.  We look forward to making you movie!

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